Business South May 2023

40 | BT Builders Ltd: Rolleston Rd Subdivision T T Kelly Deeks Small subdivision ‘perfect for us’ BT Builders includes intelligent storage systems such as full height wardrobe sliding doors, and cupboard organisers. We also have concealed roof space storage accessed by a fold away ladder within the garage as standard in our builds,” says owner Brad Tucker. DEVELOPMENT PROUD TO SUPPORT BT Builders MANDEVILLE ST, CHRISTCHURCH 03 348 0939 FLOORPRIDE.COM feel love see PROUD TO SUPPORT BT BUILDERS LTD For all your building supplies visit us at 550 Johns Road, Christchurch Phone: 0800 191 674 Email: McVICAR 50mm thick Architectural stone veneer creating the look and feel of real stone without the cost or engineering. Easily applied to new builds and even existing houses. BRANZ appraised and earthquake tested system installed by our own experienced licensed applicators. Feature walls, pillars, fireplaces, landscaping, house lots, chimneys, inside or out.See our full available range on our website, and for any questions please contact Brett. Brett 022 0430541 Christchurch’s BT Builders is now bringing its first home and land packages to the market as it develops a small 15-lot subdivision, Ballarat Estate, with a range of sizes and styles of homes, just 2kms from Rolleston town centre. With 11 larger sections of about 750sqm and four smaller sections of about 350sqm, all with a north/west aspect, the 1ha Ballarat Estate on Lincoln Rolleston Road is an exclusive subdivision, stylishly landscaped, with mid to high end homes. The time was right for BT Builders to expand into the development market when the opportunity to buy this block became available through a friend about 12 months ago. “It means we can control our own destiny,” says BT Builders owner Brad Tucker. “We can form the street the way we want to and develop the land to suit the style of houses that we like to build. We’re not restricted by another developer’s covenants, and we know when our titles will be released, so we can start planning out accordingly.” Until now, BT Builders has only ever had to deal with building consents, so the land development consenting process has been quite different, with lots more hurdles and lots more moving parts. “We’ve got to look at every moving part for it to be planned out properly and to go ahead with a good timeframe. If we leave anything out, it’s going to have an impact down the track and put us out for months, if not a year.” Once Selwyn District Council picked up BT Builders’ subdivision plans about four months after they were submitted, things started moving. Brad was lucky with his piece of land which had services already coming to the back of the block. “We were just so lucky. Big developers don’t really look at these 1ha blocks but the smaller block was perfect for us, and the fact the infrastructure was already there has saved us a huge amount of time, work, and expense.” Even the small hiccup of a manhole installed in the wrong place was caught before the road was sealed and fixed relatively easily. Also included in the development will be BT Builders’ new show home, due for completion in October. The 220sqm, four bedroom home with three car garaging will be built to BT Builders’ standard specifications so people can see exactly what they will get with a standard BT Builders home. BT Builders includes details as standard which other building companies consider extras, such as rebating doors and full height windows into the slab, which allows a smooth, flush finish with the floor coverings. Attention to such detail helps to eliminate problematic, uncontrolled airflow, while the use of architraves prevents the cracking which often appears in conventional grooved timber windows and door jambs. “We include intelligent storage systems such as full height wardrobe sliding doors, and cupboard organisers,”Brad says. “We also have concealed roof space storage accessed by a fold away ladder within the garage as standard in our builds.” All BT Builders’ homes feature polystyrene rib raft foundations which provide resilience against seismic movement and thermal properties. BT Builders focuses on providing homes which are fully finished inside and out, down to the landscaping, letter box, clothesline, patios, driveways, and even the vehicle crossing. “We want to provide people with what they need,” Brad says. “We don’t charge a huge amount for variations. We have a small list of exclusions so if people want to upgrade their tiles, insulate their garage, upgrade insulation, or even change a back splash, we can provide accurate detailed pricing to the client.”