Neighbourhood Support Waitakere 2022

A message from the CHAIR Michael Chan Foung I think we all agree this past year has been an enormous challenge for not only ourselves but our entire community both nationally and world wide. For many of us, the stress of having family and friends overseas has left us somewhat anxious and challenged in terms of maintaining contact and communication. Working and living locally, I have witnessed the effect this pandemic has had on our vulnerable community members. I am proud of the capabilities our Neighbourhood Support network has, in that within the first week of the initial lockdown our staff had established direct communications with our vulnerable members and were able to contact them personally by phone before any other local network completed their preparations. Our team were able to consolidate and disseminate relevant and reliably sourced information via our extensive social media networks, newsletters and personal communications. We are able to boast a trusted and sustainable network which continues to grow and thrive alongside our community members who share passion, enthusiasm and motivation towards community connectedness and wellbeing. We have developed and implemented new procedures enabling our staff to work from home, whilst maintaining the engagement expectations of our members. Throughout the year we have had some reprieve and managed to continue our daily business, strengthening working relationships with our strategic partners and likeminded community groups. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank our funders, sponsors and volunteers who are such an integral link within our organisation, we are collectively looking forward to a positive future in the face of adversity, linking neighbours with neighbours to ensure we continue to Reach Out, Look Out and Help Out. Soifua Manuia Michael Photo—Michael, Sharon, Louise & Lio at a street BBQ 10 Page