Neighbourhood Support Waitakere 2022

Safety Tips for Parents: • Know your child’s route to and from school. Practice walking with them to school during the school holidays so you can identify safe and unsafe places • Designate “safe” houses/areas in your neighbourhood where your child may go if they are in danger. • Know your child’s after school activities. • Know your child’s friends and their parents and have a list of their phone numbers and addresses. • Know what your child is wearing each day. • Never put your child’s name on the outside of their clothing. • Keep a current photo and video of your child handy. • If your child doesn’t want to be with someone, ask them why, and pursue the topic until you find a reason. • Make sure your child knows that adults shouldn’t ask children for help and that adult’s shouldn’t ask children to keep secrets. Safety Tips for Kids: • Make sure you know important information (full name, parent’s full name, address, and phone number). • Never go anywhere with someone you don’t know, even if they offer you candy or ask for help. • Don’t get into cars or go into houses of neighbours you don’t know very well unless Mum,Dad or your caregiver says it is okay. • Have a secret code word that you and only your parents know. If someone doesn’t know the secret code word, don’t go with them. • Even trusted people shouldn’t ask you to do something that makes you uncomfortable. • It’s okay to say “No” to adults. • Shout “No” or “Stop” if someone touches you inappropriately, then tell your mum or dad. • Be as loud as possible if you are in danger. • If you are lost or in danger, you can locate a pay phone or a public phone and dial 1-1-1 for free. Senior ‘Constable Bryan’ Ward, Q.S.M. Go to Bryan and Bobby website for further tips, And great resources 18 Page