Neighbourhood Support Waitakere 2022

Understanding Risk & Planning For Disaster Resilience In Your Community Auckland’s geographical location, diverse coastline and mild climate make it a great place to live. It can also make the region prone to many natural hazards. A hazard is something that is a danger or risk. We think of these as events that can negatively affect what we value - our communities, economy, and environment. Flooding, severe weather and coastal inundation are common events in Auckland; less so are volcanic activity, tsunami, or earthquakes. These natural hazard events can happen anywhere, any time and without warning. Being prepared for emergencies is the best way to stay safe. Building Community resilience No one knows your community better than you and the people in it. Auckland Emergency Management (AEM) encourages all communities to come together and talk about how to get ready and plan what you will do during an emergency. There are a number of resources available to assist your community to build disaster resilience, such as the Community Resilience Plans. These plans can help your community identify how they can support one another before, during and after an emergency. Visit to check the resources and learn more about how you can help keep your community safe. Auckland Hazard Viewer Use Auckland Hazard Viewer map to see if the natural hazards could affect where you live, work or play and to start conversations with your family and friends about what you would do in an emergency. 20 Page