Neighbourhood Support Waitakere 2022

Gumboot Friday is our free kids counselling programme. Since April 2019 Gumboot Friday has raised over 3 million dollars for free kids counselling. So far we’ve used 2 million dollars to pay for over 16000 sessions for 3900 kids aged 5 - 25yrs. We anticipate that with the money we have and what we will raise over the next 12 months Gumboot Friday will pay for a further 20000 free sessions before the end of 2022. To make sure 100% of the money raised for Gumboot Friday goes to our kids, I Am Hope pays the required 9 cents in every dollar donated to fund the admin costs of running the service. I Am Hope does not touch the Gumboot Friday money. It is kept in a dedicated Kiwibank account and gets paid out upon an invoice from a New Zealand accredited mental health professional.