Neighbourhood Support Waitakere 2022

Bike Theft Prevention Tool — 529 Garage Aotearoa There's a new anti-theft bicycle registry in NZ - 529 Garage. After it was launched in Vancouver, bike theft decreased by 20% a year. Having a comprehensive register means that it's much harder to on-sell stolen bikes and eventually thieves will stop stealing bikes they know are registered with 529 Garage. Only 4 easy steps 1. Find your bike's serial number. It's usually under the bottom bracket (where the pedals are) so you'll need to turn it upside down. Sometimes it's at the bottom of the seat tube. 2. Take a photo (or photos) of your bike. 3. 3. Go to and enter your details (all you really need is an email and the serial number) and upload your photo(s). 4. Email with your name and postal address and they'll send you out a numbered shield to stick on your bike. The success of this system relies on numbers! Please pass these instructions on to friends and family around NZ (you don’t need to be in Auckland). Register. Report. Recover! 27 Page