NZ Dairy Autumn 2022

104 | nzdairy DAIRY SERVICES » New Image Group/NIG Nutritionals Products that enhance health, well-being Richard Loader NIG Nutritionals is a state-of-the-art manufacturer and supplier of a diverse range of specialised nutritional products. Predominantly utilising goat milk as the base ingredient the products are designed to enhance the health and well-being of humans through all stages of their lives. NIG Nutritionals’ origins trace back to the early ‘80s when New Image Group was established as a direct sales and marketing business based around dietary supplement and adult nutrition, harnessing the benefits of colostrum to enhance the immune system. From a pioneering start-up company New Image Group evolved as a substantial business, turning over close to $300 million in annual revenues, split between two operating companies. As a result of its growth, in 2014 a decision was made to separate the manufacturing side of the business from direct sales/marketing. With the purchase of a spray dryer in Paerata, just North of Pukekohe, NIG Nutritionals entered the world of manufacturing high quality infant formulas, pioneering the formulation of goat milk in consumer products across New Zealand and globally. Paerata remains NIG Nutritionals’ primary manufacturing site, with brands in the market like Baby Steps™ and Symbiotics™, while also supporting other customers with manufacturing capability for their own brands. A secondary site in Avondale is a canning facility and is used to produce finished infant formula and other formulated food products in cans. NIG Nutritionals’ key markets include China and Southeast Asia, with Egypt an emerging market. Ninety-seven percent of all sales are for the export market. NIG Nutritionals CEO Chris Macbeth says while the company predominantly focus’s on goat milk as its source of base nutrition, it also engages other product lines including organics as well as other dairy products. “Our spray dryer can do anything from processing white milk through to producing highly technical, functional and nutritional base powders. We blend a range of ingredients in a wet-mix system to create a constant homogenous liquid product, and dry that as one finished-goods powder. The best example of that is infant formula where the base powders are produced dealing with all the macronutrients, and all the micro-nutrients required for the formulation are added immediately prior to canning. The thing that makes us unique from other milk processing facilities is the predominance of goat milk as the source of base nutrition, and that we have a lot more diversity in our product mix. We Photos: Paerata remains NIG Nutritionals primary manufacturing site (top). There are approximately 70 farms in New Zealand producing goat milk and supplying processors, a figure that is likely to increase as the benefits of goat milk become more widely known, says NIG Nutritionals CEO Chris Macbeth. • to page 106 can do full organic, cow and sheep milk as well as non-dairy products.” There are approximately 70 farms in New Zealand producing goat milk and supplying processors, and that is likely to increase as the benefits of goat milk become more widely known. NCI congratulates NIG for their outstanding success and growth We are honoured to be a supplier from our new state-of the-art can decoration and manufacturing plant in Otahuhu, New Zealand. This new FSSC22000-certified factory showcases some of the most superior and diverse metal packaging manufacturing operations serving the milk powder, dairy, food and industrial markets. The circa $35 million investment has brought with it New Zealand’s only high-speed flat sheet metal coating line and printing press, boasting high e‚iciency and quality – supported by in-company and in-house artwork prepress and CTP (computer-to-print) services. Further technical advancements include two high speed can lines, end lines and a drum and pail line - alldemonstrating the new site’s highly developed manufacturing technology and ability. NCI ensures operations are to the highest hygiene standards, providing segregation of restricted zones and a high-hygiene hall. While alsoensuring the most impressive array of automated in-line inspection systems are present which a‚ord product protection and quality for our customers. All this delivers a unique value proposition for NIG andNZ’s canned infant formula milk powder manufacturers - in terms of speed-to-the-market, unrivalled agility, peace-of-mind food safety and responsive branding support during these dynamic times. Please contact Customer Service (New Zealand) Phone: 0800 220 120 Email: Website: