NZ Dairy Autumn 2022

| 15 nzdairy The company has a 185 hectare farm near Matamata and supports 3600 goats housed in two sheds covering 12,000 square metres. DAIRY GOATS » NZ DAIRY GOATS Global demand drives NZDG growth Russell Fredric New Zealand Dairy Goats (NZDG) is riding a wave of exponentially increasing global demand for goat’s milk products. Established late 2019, the company has a 185 hectare farm near Matamata which employs 14 staff and supports 3600 goats housed in two sheds covering 12,000 square metres. The goats are milked through an 80 bale rotary parlour; this is soon to be complemented by a second shed with two 46-a-side herringbone parlours. The industry is very much in its infancy in New Zealand. NZDG chief executive Rob Milne said the company was formed to take advantage of the growing dairy goat industry and to provide its investors with a “safe” opportunity to further grow the industry, while creating greater diversity in agriculture in New Zealand. The establishment of NZDG effectively broke a near monopoly that previously existed in the industry, he says. “We’ve actually quite significantly changed what that landscape looks like in the last 12 months. We’ve had quite a number of nutritional blenderpackers come on board.” NZDG has partnered with New Image Group, a leading New Zealand-based health and nutritional product provider that processes NZDG’s raw milk. New Image Group operates a purpose-built spray plant and packing facility. Its brands include nutritional products sold in many countries throughout the world. The relationship with the group is a good synergy for NZDG’s vision and goals, Rob says. “They have a keen interest in the long-term sustainability of the dairy goat industry in New Zealand. They’ve got a big driver to build market and build product. They are the ones pioneering goat’s milk butter and milk powder in New Zealand.” Skyrocketing demand for NZDG’s milk means its herd will nearly double to 6000 next season. Most of its product goes to China. “Last year was pretty slow with China being locked down, but we’ve had very strong exports this year to China and, if I take the amount we exported this past year, we will probably increase that by 300% to 500% next year. “That’s because China’s coming so strongly back online.” Despite China being an important market, NZDG is seeking to diversify as much as possible to other countries including India, however that country’s tariff of 60% currently makes it unviable. Last year the farm started milking about half way into the season and produced about 140,000kgMS from about 1800 goats. Goats are extremely efficient at converting feed into milk. Fed a balance of grass and mixed rations, NZDG’s goats typically produce 120% to 130% of their body weight in milk solids. This efficiency is further enhanced by goat’s milk powder currently achieving $NZ15,0000 to $16,000 a tonne, compared to the bovine equivalent fetching around $NZ5300, Rob says. Goat’s milk naturally has the A2 protein and has several benefits over cow’Ss milk. Its fat globules are naturally much smaller in size and its protein composition can help with digestive health. Because it is lower in lactose it can also be more suited to lactose intolerant people. Goats are extremely efficient at converting feed into milk. ELECTRICAL KING 24 HOUR EMERGENCY SERVICE MATAMATA Phone: 07 888 7578 TIRAU Phone: 07 883 1130 RURAL, RESIDENTIAL AND COMMERCIAL BUILDERS Ph: 07 871 4986 E: WHERE QUALITY IS NEVER COMPROMISED