NZ Dairy Spring 2021

20 | nz dairy DAIRY PEOPLE » Annabelle & Stephen Scherer Growing and showing from a young age Russell Fredric Photos: Stephen and Annabelle Scherer with Charbelle MWB Freckle 2. Gabrielle holding Archer, Charlie and Henry. New Zealand Dairy Event 2021: Charlotte Osborne, Dyanne Osborne, Wayne Osborne, Stephen and Annabelle Scherer, Luke Gilbert and Charbelle Tatoo Pix. A long-held passion has culminated in An- nabelle Scherer being appointed to the board of the Holstein Friesian Association of New Zealand. Her parents, Dyanne and Wayne Osborne estab- lished Charbelle Holsteins 35 years ago and like many fans of the breed, Annabelle has been around black and whites, growing and showing them from a young age. She hopes to make a solid contribution to the association’s board as well as to be a breath of fresh air. “I’m really looking forward to my term on the board and hope that I can contribute and give back to the breed I hold dearly and have a passion for.” “It’s something as a family that we’ve been proud of, our Holstein Friesian’s, and I guess that’s why, when given the opportunity to go on to the board I felt it was a good opportunity to develop and grow and learn my skills and learn more about the breed and the key aspects of it.” Annabelle and her husband, Stephen, have four children, Charlie, 14, Gabrielle, 12, Henry, 8, and Archer, 4. Annabelle is particularly keen to be engaged with Black & White Youth, an initiative to encourage youth membership within the association, and is a member of this committee. “Holstein Friesian does offer some great activities and opportunities for the youth. “They run a youth camp every year in the Waika- to and this year it’s going to be run in the Waikato, they have various competitions and promote youth getting into the black and white breed.” She is also looking forward to increasing her knowledge about the association and its inner workings. Annabelle and Stephen share-milk on Charbelle Holsteins at Gordonton near Hamilton and lease another farm. Charbelle Holsteins milks 190 cows on 75 hec- tares, autumn/spring split calving based on a Dairy NZ system three operation, with the autumn calving allowing them to capture Open Country’s winter milk premium. The farm grows 7ha of maize and the cows receive an in-shed blend while milking. “Our breeding philosophy is to breed a Holstein cow that is moderate in size with great udders, legs and feet. Longevity is important to us in a cow, for example we have nine and 10 year-olds that are hitting our targets. The couple have leased their second farm for about 14 years. Located near Morrinsville, the 50ha property is run by a manager and supports 120 cows which comprises a mix of Holsteins, Ayrshires and Jerseys. All their Holsteins are registered; Annabelle and Stephen own all the cows on the lease farm and a percentage of those on the home farm Her parents keep a strong interest in the home farm. “They like to still be involved as they have a great interest and passion for their cows and breeding. After 35 years it’s a legacy we want to continue.” At last year’s Waikato A&P show Charbelle MWB Prancer was the Holstein and All Breeds Intermedi- ate Champion. Prancer was also All Breeds Intermediate Cham- pion at the Stratford Royal Show and finished the year as Honourble mention Intermediate Champion and Intermediate Best udder the the New Zealand Dairy Event. Her daughter Charbelle Tatoo Pix was All Breeds Junior Champion and the Stratford Royal and Holstein and All Breeds Junior Champion at the New Zealand Dairy Event.. “Our breeding philosophy is to breed a Holstein cow that is moderate in size with great udders, legs and feet.” 0800 888 055 Diprosemiller As accountants, we understand the importance of compliance for our clients. But our genuine passion is fi nding innovative ways for them to do better business. So let’s talk. Kintail Transport Specialised livestock transport KenWalker 027 887 5050 . .