NZ Dairy Spring 2021

| 75 nz dairy DAIRY SERVICES » Dan Cosgrove Engineer led business focussed on new tech Kelly Deeks N ew Zealand’s largest steel silo manufacturer, Dan Cosgrove, has been producing kitset grain silos for more than 50 years, and is still finding opportunities to innovate and keep pace with the demands of farmers around New Zealand. Dan Cosgrove has been in business since 1935, with self-employed plumber Dan Snr servicing the needs of the residents of Timaru and the surround- ing districts. By the mid 1950s, Dan had installed the world’s first longrun spouting machine, marking the beginning of Cosgrove’s entry into manufactur- ing. When Dan’s sons Dan and Brian joined the busi- ness in the mid 1960s, they saw an opportunity to expand Cosgrove’s manufacturing arm by producing kitset grain silos and longrun tray and corrugated roofing. A new factory complex was built to contain the growing business, and from here the company continues to manufacture roofing, sheetmetal, and silos. Local engineer Gary Fahey purchased Cosgroves in 2014, and with his background in development work came fully equipped and ready to change, modify, and innovate. “We are now developing new silo models that are much more transportable,” he says. “A 21 foot base is a massive base and it’s almost impossible to transport without breaking it down, you certainly can’t export them. We are now producing a range of transportable silos that bolt together as kitsets, from 6ft diameter to 21ft diameter.” He says while imported silos can be cheap, Cos- grove silos are engineered for New Zealand condi- tions and may be up to twice as strong as imported American silos. “Farmers have traditionally loved to buy products from overseas because they think they are better, but they don’t often comply with New Zealand standards, and since Covid, we now have long lead times on imported goods. We can make silos very quickly here with all the components on hand in our factory, we meet all of the New Zealand standards, and our price is very good.” Gary has grown Cosgroves from a staff of 25 in 2014 to now 35, and Cosgrove silos continue to prove a popular line in demand throughout New Zealand and overseas. All Cosgrove silos are completely designed and manufactured in Timaru for New Zealand condi- tions. Cosgroves uses only New Zealand chartered registered engineers, since they are the best at understanding these conditions. All silos feature fully galvanised construction, giving maximum protection, and an easy access roof ladder. This year sees the build of Cosgroves first silo house at Irishman Creek station in Tekapo. About 60% complete with beautiful Corten steel cladding now being installed, the home is set to complement its surroundings on the Alps 2 Ocean cycle trail. “They get a lot of international guests, “We are now developing new silo models that are much more transportable.” ARTIN W W AKEFIELD LTD Level 1, 26 Canon Street, Timaru • 03 687 7122 • Fax: 03 684 8558 • • ACCOUNTING SERVICES RURAL BUSINESS SERVICES Benchmarking • Bookkeeping / accounting • Budgeting • Business Start-up • Financing • Cash Flow Forecasting • Financial Planning Monitored Business Performance • Office Duties • Payroll Services Portfolio Management • Software Solutions • Strategic Planning WE WORK WITH Proud to support Dan Cosgrove PLATE PROCESSING 27 Dakota Crescent Sockburn Christchurch P O Box 11020 P. 03 343 3100 0800 26 25 24 F. 03 343 3989 E. W. SPECIALISTS IN PLATE PROCESSING - OXY FUEL · PLASMA · LASER · PRESS BRAKING QUALITY & SERVICE FOCUSED Check us out at Corner North & Latter Streets, Timaru Phone: 03 684 4888 Email: Proud to Support Dan Cosgrove 2014 Ltd Quality grain silos can provide the perfect solution on-farm. which hopefully will come back one day,” Gary says. This high-end accommodation is a two-storey home with upstairs bedroom featuring an amazing $30,000 worth of electronic skylights in the ceiling. “You can lay in bed and look up at the stars in the Aoraki Mackenzie International Dark Sky Reserve, then if you want some privacy, you can instantly change the crystals in the glass to frosted with the press of a button.”