NZ Dairy Spring 2021

80 | nz dairy Octa-lock Russell Fredric DAIRY PEOPLE » Fabish & Jackson I nglewood-based company Fabish & Jackson has created an innovative path during its four decades of providing both conventional and specialist con- struction services in Taranaki. Owner Steve Fabish says the business has been through many economic cycles and currently employs 14 staff who mainly undertake com- mercial and rural projects, including building the company’s proprietary Octa-Lock dairy parlours, and large-scale chicken sheds. Fabish & Jackson developed the innovative Octa-Lock Dairy Parlour over 30 years ago and they are still in demand today. As their name suggests, the parlours are based on an octagonal design, with their key structural elements including Glulam (glued, laminated timber) structural beams. The creation of the Octa-Lock Dairy Parlour led to Fabish & Jackson establishing Glulam and precast concrete divisions which are a key part of its operation. While these divisions are to primarily support its own operations, there has been increasing external interest in Glulam. “We are getting a lot more orders in from outside.” Steve believes there are possibly only about five Glulam manufacturers in New Zealand. “We have a team of highly trained, skilled staff manufacturing laminated Glulam beams. These are strong structural beams that have superior earthquake resilience, greater fire resistance than other building materials and treated timber to resist fungal and insect attack.” The Octa-Lock design suits the installation requirements for a rotary milking platform. Most buildings can be priced on a square metre rate, and on this basis, the Octa-Lock has a smaller building footprint than conventional dairy shed for a given turntable size. Octa-Lock’s have been built to house turntables from 28 to 100 bales. Their kitset nature means much of their construction can be completed off-site, while the option to also complete the roof structure off-site before the floor reduces potential weather-related delays. Owners of the dairy parlour Maria and Steve Poole (top). Kaponga Dairy Shed (below). Ph: 0274 308 209 | E: | W: .nz Contact us today for a free, zero obligation quote Surfatex specialise in dairy coatings, protective flooring, anti-slip solutions, concrete and painting services. Our skilled team is fully mobile across the central and lower North Island, and the entire South Island. in i r e Contact us today for a free, zero bligation quote 027 430 8209 | Surfatex specialise in ‘Acraflex’ Dairy Wall Coatings, Pit, Milk room and Yard repairs. Industrial coatings including anti-slip solutions and protective flooring. Our skilled team is based in the Manawatu and mobile across the lower North Island. 06 756 9009 Feed systems • Cooling • E ffl uent • Pumps • Milking Systems Rotary Platform Maintenance & Servicing • Light Engineering ACCOUNTANCY HR INSOLVENCY MARKETING IT AUDIT TAXATION Great relationships Another amazing build from a talented team! We’re proud to help Fabish & Jackson grow a great business.