NZ Dairy Summer 2021

112 | nzdairy Simple & reliable effluent solutions Kelly Deeks Williams Engineering on the Hauraki Plains has been producing high quality, practical, and cost-effective farm machinery for the past 40 years. The Williams name in dairy effluent solutions is known world wide with its Spider travelling irrigator creating a reputation for Williams Engineering products being simple and reliable. “We still have Spiders that are 30 years old operating daily,” says Williams Engineering owner Andrew Williams. “With sound proven product and with great customers and dealers, we have been able to grow into other products to complement the Williams range of “moopoo” solutions.” Williams Engineering manufactures concrete containment products, hydrants, pump pontoons, stirrers, filters, and other accessories. Williams Engineering has undertaken training in farm dairy effluent system design and management in conjunction with Dairy NZ and seven years ago, became Farm Dairy Effluent System Design accredited, meaning the company can design and install a fully compliant effluent system from start to finish. “Our main objective is keeping farmers set to meet their compliance with the best, cost effective system for their situation,” Andrew says. “We keep aware of the challenges for staff and we design and build products that are user friendly. We have always been based on simplicity, building products to suit the people using them, and that’s why our systems and products are reputed for being simple and effective.” One of Williams Engineering’s biggest selling products is its Williams Spider Web synthetic rope, an alternative to galvanised and stainless steel wire rope. “This has been a big innovation in our range. It’s easier and safer for the staff to handle, its more visible in the paddock, it doesn’t rust or fray, it’s strong, it can be fitted to existing machines, and it is cheaper than stainless steel and competitive with galvanised.” Key to understanding the needs of its clients and delivering the best possible solutions is the close relationships Williams Engineering continues to develop and maintain with its customers and its dealer network. RURAL SERVICES » Williams Engineering As a manufacturer, Williams Engineering is all too aware of rising costs and has taken a look at its internal systems to make sure it remains production smart. “When we can’t save money, we will look to save time. Employing labour is another huge challenge in this environment, and by being smarter with our time, we are now doing twice the amount of work with the same amount of people as we were 10 years ago.” Andrew is proud of Williams Engineering’s skilled team of 12 and the work they do, and for the past 12 months has been working on staff engagement. “We are using the expertise within our staff to up skill the rest of the team,” Andrew says. “When we’re not too busy, we hold a workshop per week and go over a different topic, whether it’s a product or an effluent issue that a customer might call for.” Williams Engineering is working towards having all of its general engineers rotated around the workshop to allow them to learn all aspects of the job, and to avoid the monotony of production work. The whole team is also encouraged and supported to uptake training programmes from outside sources. “A variety of work helps with staff engagement and makes us a stronger team. We are more than just making irrigators, we are trying to make a difference, and to provide our customers with the best service possible.” “Employing labour is another huge challenge in this environment, and by being smarter with our time, we are now doing twice the amount of work with the same amount of people as we were 10 years ago.” The Williams Engineering PTO pump can be easily moved between ponds.