NZ Dairy Summer 2021

| 43 nzdairy DAIRY PEOPLE » NZ Rural Land Management Richard Loader Listed on the NZX December 2020, NZ Rural Land Company (NZL) forges a relationship between investors in agricultural land and experienced food producers in complementary partnerships. “Historically for someone to own rural land they required millions and millions of dollars,” says CoFounder Richard Milsom. “NZL, as an NZX listed company, democratises one of New Zealand’s best asset classes. It creates more opportunity and equality for people to own something that has historically been a reasonably prohibitive asset class but is the very cornerstone of New Zealand.” While it is typical to see people investing into both land ownership and the operational side through a variety of vehicles, the NZL model enables investors to own the land only in a commercial property type arrangement, while very capable and experienced farmers and food producers are able to grow their existing operational footprint in an asset light manner. “You have the ability to bring those two groups together. It leaves the operational side to the experts and allows every day Kiwis to invest in farmland. Investors would expect to experience growth in the value of the land and dividends from the lease income.” Richard points out that while farmers often lease a piece of a neighbour’s farm, NZL’s model is much larger scale and a lot more deliberate. “A neighbouring farmer might have fifty or one hundred hectares that they lease to a neighbour but what that doesn’t allow is for every day New Zealanders to be able to invest into rural land ownership.” • to page 44 The NZ Rural Land Company model enables every day Kiwis to invest in rural land ownership. NZL brings Kiwi investors, farmers together