NZ Dairy Winter 2022

104 | nzdairy Richard Loader DAIRY SERVICES » QualiTru Sampling In American early Spring 1985, Salmonella and Listeria outbreaks were traced to dairy manufacturing plants. The Centre for Disease Control concluded that the issue was a systemic one related to the company’s manufacturing process and not just to select product lots. Prior to these events, the dairy industry’s regulatory requirements had focused on nal product testing; there were no uniform standards for process monitoring to detect potential contamination that might occur throughout the supply chain. Darrell Bigalke, a dairy food safety consultant and entrepreneur who had worked in microbiology with Ecolab, played a central role in helping shape the establishment and adoption of these new testing standards in the industry. Bigalke focused his new company on the singular mission of promoting aseptic sample testing for the dairy industry, extending far beyond nal product testing, which is limited in identifying in-process risks, such as bio lms, and cannot lead to process improvements. QualiTru was introduced into the Australian and New Zealand regions in 2018 through the rising need of a truly aseptic system with several milk processing companies implementing the QualiTru systems and realising their bene ts. GP Systems not only partners with QualiTru, simplifying dealing with time zones, but also provides training and research to New Zealand’s dairy industry about the importance of having highly reliable samples. This not only improves milk quality, but also protects the community,” says Michael Cotter Managing Director of GP Systems. “QualiTru’s systems are considered the most trusted method for gathering aseptic and representative milk samples for testing, and are used by thousands of large dairy farms, haulers and food processing plants across the U.S. and in over thirty countries worldwide.” QualiTru’s systems are considered the most trusted method for gathering aseptic and representative milk samples for testing. Monitoring to detect potential contamination Experienced across a broad range of process engineering services. Specialists to the food, beverage and dairy sectors Excellence in design & project execution Maximise performance across the end-to-end business value chain Comprehensive technical training at all levels from experienced engineers i i i i . i li , i ll i i j i Maximise performance across the i l i i i l i i ll l l i i 09 570 5064 | i We bring access to the highest tech equipment from all over the globe to bring your process into the future. | +61 404 014 178 | QualiTru’s products comply with the 3-A Standard 63-04 (Sanitary Fittings), and are authorised to display the industry standard 3-A symbol. All QualiTrus product materials comply with the U.S. Food and Drug Adminstration (FDA) requirements, including the FDA’s Pasteurisation Milk Ordinance (PMO). “QualiTru sampling systems can be applied across the dairy and liquid food industries from farm operations to large manufacturing sites with hundreds of staff. QualiTru’s products are used to verify product quality across the supply chain, performing inline aseptic sample testing and quality checks in bulk tanks and silos, and for microbiological testing. QualiTru’s tag line is ‘your test results are only as accurate as the sample’. Anywhere aseptic sampling is required, QualiTru can provide that assurance.” QualiTru’s channel system prevents the cross channelling issues many other septum sampling systems face. This is key in preventing crosscontamination between samples by eliminating the possibility to channel through old samples taken from the septum causing microbial build up from the previous channel to get stuck in the sample. The company’s unique four-part con gurations can be customised to perform representative sampling, whether inline from the milking shed to truck transport, from raw and pasteurised storage silos, and throughout commercial dairy and liquid food processing operations. This allows these industries to have accurate microbiological and chemical data from the beginning to end, building transparency and con dence in product quality. QualiTru has further demonstrated its commitment to world class quality by implementing and becoming certi ed to the ISO 9001:2015 standard. Flagship products include:TruStream Sanitary Ports, TruStream Septs and TruStream Oxygen-Permeable Collection Bags. “QualiTru sampling systems can be applied across the dairy and liquid food industries”.