NZ Dairy Winter 2022

106 | nzdairy DAIRY SERVICES » DairyTech South Karen Phelps Simon Knight, General Manager of DairyTech South, based in both Winton and Gore, says the company has grown by focusing on customer service in the rural sector. “Initially the business started with our company owner Shane Simpson testing milking machines approximately 10 years ago. Around that time, he started to see that there was a bit of a space in service delivery, with farmers looking for people to provide quality servicing. The team has grown from a team of three when it rst started to now, where we employ 26 full time staff,” Simon says. Simon oversees the company’s business and staff. He describes Dairy Tech South as a medium scale dairy service provider. This spread of staff and location means they can undertake work all over Southland, South and Central Otago. When Rural South spoke with Simon the company was in the midst of building and commissioning three new milking sheds – all replacement sheds for existing clients. “Our servicing and repair work is our day to day work which has created these new builds for us. Through a build there is naturally a growing pressure on time to ensure we deliver the shed ready for the new milking season.” The province is home to a variety of dairy sheds, given herd sizes can typically range from 600 to 1400+ and these days the larger dairy farms generally operate rotary of various bail numbers and complexities. There are also still plenty of Herringbone sheds in operation. The three rotary sheds currently being built are all replacement for herringbone sheds, futureproo ng the farming operations. Through COVID times, the business has been classed as an essential service and Simon says Expanding team for an expanding vision • to page 108 Boost productivity, improve herd health, reduce somatic cell count and do it all with less labour input! If you’re struggling to get extra hands on the farm, one way to reduce the pressure is to turn to automated systems that will reduce your workload. WETIT teat sprayers can make preventing mastitis much easier. m My WETIT automated teat sprayer saves me 30 minutes a milking. I [OV\NO[ UV[OPUN ^V\SK IL HZ LɉJPLU[ HZ TL HUK JLSS JV\U[ ^V\SK YPZL I\[ P[ OHZ Z[H`LK SV^ 5L]LY SVVRLK IHJR – Dayne Addison, Waikato Hard to ÄUK Z[HMM& 9LK\JL ^VYR PU [OL TPSRPUN ZOLK with automated [LH[ ZWYH`LYZ WETIT teat sprayers are a market-leading, tried and trusted product suitable for installation “in race” or in addition to your rotary shed. Call us today on 0800 4 WETIT HUK ÄUK V\[ OV^ H >,;0; Z`Z[LT WH`Z for itself in just six months! 0800 856 544 | | CALL US FOR MORE INFO! B.B CUNNINGHAME LTD Cow Shed Wall/Pit/Floor Coatings ALL TYPES OF WET AREA NON SLIP FLOORING Southland owned and operated for 50 years For a Free Quote PH: 0274 328 537 Em: 50 Spey St, Invercargill RESIN FLOORING & SPECIALIST COATINGS WATERPROOFING & MEMBRANE ROOFING that a key concern has been how to look after the staff. Taking the lead from Ministry of Health advice meant that by following some pretty stringent protocols work could generally continue as usual. A 54 Rotary Shed built by DairyTech South.