NZ Dairy Winter 2022

110 | nzdairy DAIRY SERVICES » Highline Dairy Otago Long-term trade experience as an engineer Russell Fredric Making easy work of ef uent pump repairs. Proudly supporting Highline Dairy Otago Call: 03 313 8606 f: @ReadIndustrial We are specialists in dairy milking technology Established in 1922 the Read family have 100 years’ experience designing and manufacturing dairy milking systems. Call us now for an on farm visit p: 03 466 5062 Dunedin: 25 Mailer Street, Mornington Our Rural Team HaydenYardley CA / Managing Partner Dave Yardley / Rural Consultant We travel within Otago, Southland and Canterbury. Helping your farm stack up When there are so many aspects to your farm, piecing them all together can be challenging. Our strength is supporting and empowering you, so together we can build your best farming business that succeeds today and well into the future. Let us help you with our range of services including chartered accountancy, succession planning and farm advisory. The synergy of trade and dairy industry experience along with key collaborations is foundational to the service and expertise Highline Dairy Otago provides to its clients. The business was established two years ago by owner/operator Brad Hosking who has long-term trade experience as an engineer. More recently, Brad has built up 12 years dairy shed/dairy plantrelated experience which includes operating a Read Industrial agency for four years. Read Industrial have nearly 100 years experience designing and manufacturing dairy milking systems. Highline Dairy Otago specialises in milking machine installs, servicing and upgrades covering the wider Otago area. The business also carries out milking platform repairs and maintenance, new dairy shed conversions, all aspects of dairy shed maintenance and servicing along with repairs and upgrades of new and existing milking machines, providing a 24 hour service. Brad is a registered New Zealand Milking and Pumping Trade Association milking machine tester which quali es him to work with vacuum, pulsation and related plant and equipment. “The technology that goes with a dairy shed can be pretty complicated. It de nitely keeps you on your toes and keeps you thinking so that’s why I went into it. I’ve never gotten bored with this job and I still look forward to going to work.” While milking machines are relatively straightforward, much of the complexity lies in the automation commonly employed in modern dairy sheds. Despite this, Brad has grown to like the ef ciency and low maintenance needs of Read Industrial’s systems which are also practical and simple to operate, he says. “There are some very technical sheds out there, but I’ve found the Read systems to be less complicated and very reliable.” By comparison on some competitors systems which Brad has experience with, a simple problem with a wire could cause the whole system to shut down whereas, outside of a major malfunction, with the Read systems a workaround can usually be found and milking can continue. Brad also likes the concept of the Read systems starting with a base option and having the ability to add on technology such as automatic cup removers and automatic drafting. For some farmers, various upgrades can be an economical and pro table option that produces great results. One milking machine upgrade completed July 2021 is a perfect example of what can be achieved. Work was undertaken between milkings at the end of the season and aimed to incorporate as much of the existing usable plant as possible. The system received a new 100mm milk line and and receiving can, new stainless steel droppers - moving from 16mm to 19mm - a new swing down jetter system and new teat spray droppers. “We also added a step rail in the pit to help with herd testing and tail painting.” The milk room also had some upgrades with a new milk lter and double bank plate cooler, new hot water stand and cylinders. Also tted was a John Brooks variable speed drive to the vacuum pump to help save on running costs. “The original Read slide pulsators were installed when the shed was built in 1993 and are still graphing well. These have proven to be a tried and true pulsator that we can t into any existing shed.” “The upgrades installed sped up milking by close to an hour-and-a-half a day. That’s a big improvement in ef ciency.” “The original Read slide pulsators were installed when the shed was built in 1993 and are still graphing well. These have proven to be a tried and true pulsator that we can t into any existing shed.”