NZ Dairy Winter 2022

114 | nzdairy DAIRY SERVICES » Morrison Agri New eco-friendly chemicals & teat sprays Kelly Deeks Milking systems specialist Morrison Agri is now helping its partners to meet their environmental requirements with a couple of new initiatives that reduce waste and pollution at no extra cost to the customer. A new range of eco-friendly chemicals and teat sprays developed by Morrison Agri has just be launched to the market after an 18-month design and development phase. As well as being ecofriendly, the Fusion range of chemicals and teat sprays is also waste-free. “Our approach to chemical and teat spray supply is completely different,” says Morrison Agri managing director Paul Morrison. “Instead of buying each 200L of product in a single use plastic drum, our product is pumped from a truck into a 200L drum that lives on the farm for as long as it needs to. Our bulk tanks are then returned to the factory and re lled.” Morrison Agri also developed a recycling initiative in 2019, when it saw a responsibility to help its customers to continue to reduce their environmental footprint. ”We commissioned an internally driven initiative to look into options for recycling rubberware,” Paul says. “After months of research and many meetings, we are now proud to be able to offer recycling of any brand of rubberware to all customers throughout Canterbury and North Otago. This can be rubberware products from milk liners or tubing, to bowl seals and jetter cups, anything rubber.” When customers purchase a replacement product, Morrison Agri’s mobile vans pick up the used rubberware from farms and transport it to a container based in the company’s Ashburton yard. Once the container is full, it is shipped to a recycling partner and repurposed back into the agricultural sector. A Morrison Agri rotary shed. We are one of South Canterbury’s most vigorous and progressive legal firms, with knowledge across a wide range of legal areas. Come to us for expert, trustworthy advice delivered in a down to earth way. Proud to support Morrison Agri Proud to support Morrison Agri Timaru: ww Nicky Coleman - Director YOUR ONE STOP ENGINEERING AND SUPPLIES SHOP SO MANY PRODUCTS & SERVICES UNDER ONE ROOF South Street, Ashburton PHONE (03) 308-3147 Email o Locally owned & operated family business for 69 years FREEPHONE 0800 452 522 Blacklows TradeZone Ashburton proud to supply and support Morrison Agri. ASHBURTON Phone Morrison Agri on 0800 577 583 This initiative includes all pickup costs, freight, and recycling costs and is of no charge to any customer. “This is something we are very proud to offer.” Morrison Agri is proud to be a solid, safe, and secure partner for the sales, service, and installation of milking systems, with a pro cient team, fair pricing, and backed with a 24/7 break down service. As a rotary platform technology specialist, and the preferred installer for New Zealand’s own quality dairy system technology, Waikato Milking Systems, Morrison Agri offers experienced and knowledgeable service technicians that keep herds rotating and maintain a healthy ow. While it has always run a rotary platform division which has traditionally built, serviced, and upgraded rotary platforms, recent demand has seen this division changed into an all-round engineering division, applying the same know-how and can-do approach to backing gate repairs as it has to its rotary platform work. Still heavily focused on rotary platform work, Morrison Agri’s engineering division has a solid understanding of how to get the best ef ciencies from a rotary shed,. Cost-conscious and experienced, the team helps clients to maximise output and minimise capital cost. “Whether converting to a rotary milking system or upgrading an existing platform, we have the expertise to help you choose, design, and install a new rotary platform suitable for any farming types and sizes.” Morrison Agri offers Dairy Minder value-added maintenance scheduled servicing, taking responsibility for the smooth running of farm operations with regularly scheduled maintenance. “Farmers are busy enough without remembering to schedule their rotary maintenance. We undertake it at regular intervals to ensure stoppages aren’t critical or costly.”