NZ Dairy Winter 2022

| 59 nzdairy DAIRY PEOPLE » Janet Schultz Two young grandsons and a picture-perfect garden have added another dimension to an extremely busy life for Inglewood’s Janet Schultz. Resiliance key attribute on and off the farm Sue Russell To describe dairy farmer Janet Schultz as a ‘whirlwind’ may well be doing her an injustice; she attacks life and its challenges with a resiliance and energy well above what that word implies. In her time Janet has overcome personal tragedy, injury, coping with changing circumstances, buying her own farm in a new district, dealing with changing environmental regulations – and throughout, her approach has very much been to just roll her sleeves up and get on with it. Her energy takes her well beyond the farm gate and the picture-book garden she’s created around the homestead. She works as a hairdresser and for PGG Wrightson as a livestock temp at the local stock yards and has been involved in dairy sector governance. “I think you have to have a philosophy that guides your life and gives you strength and purpose and mine is to get stuck in and involved. It’s also my way of giving back and keeping busy,” Janet says. Today, her 103ha (87ha effective) farm 8km from Inglewood near Norfolk is run on a day to day basis by daughter, Kelsey and Kelsey’s husband Matt Brooks. They are in their third season as contract milkers on the 280 cow farm enabling Janet to step back a little and put her energy into other interests. “I still take care of the 34ha run-off two 2km away and that’s something that is important to me. My heifers and calves go up there and it provides supplementary feed for the dairy farm. Kelsey and Matt bought 2.5 acres from me following a boundary adjustment 15months ago, so they have their own home and land.” The former Taranaki Federated Farmers Dairy Chair, says that sorting out a succession pathway is important to start at the right time as so many factors need to be considered, with time for thoughts to settle and be discussed. “I have gured out the majority of succession planning for myself.” In earlier days Janet was very successful in her hairdressing and she has remained connected to the profession ever since; today working in rest homes and back on the oor part time “It’s my way of giving back.” Janet says she’s proud of what she has achieved. Her work with PGG Wrightson means no two days are the same, from scanning cattle one day to admin in the of ce the next. It’s this attitude and vigour for life and just getting on with it that has seen her through. Now, a challenge complying with Regional Council water discharge rules is being managed with the same attitude. Under these rules, no farm water can be discharged into waterways on the farm. “I’ve had my ef uent ponds measured and there is no leaching so I have chosen to keep them in place. The water goes from the cowshed to a sludge pump. A water diversion is now automatic and any rain will be diverted into paddocks.” And while the spectacular view of Mount Taranaki is a constant visual delight, the farm experiences very high rainfall, keeping the tank full and pasture in good condition. Diverting water on a farm with four rivers owing through it, each with their own additional area where treated water can not be discharged, has taken some thinking through. Moving forward, come June next year Janet will be moving off the family farm and all going well moving to Oakura. “It is warmer there and better for my health,” she explains. Succession planning has enabled her to control her exit from farming well and using a neutral farm consultant/mediator has proven a positive decision. “You need someone in the discussion who is removed from the situation entirely. It’s meant Kelsey and brother Brody are able to talk through what is important from their perspectives in front of me in a way that is really constructive.” It means that Janet, looking forward to the next phase in her life, can approach it with nancial security, knowing the lifestyle she has worked so hard to achieve, will be enjoyed for the rest of her life. Janet’s proud of her children and what they have achieved. Both university educated and getting on with their lives. Kelsey holds a degree in Ag-science, while Brody has a degree in Ag-commerce and a Bachelor of Accounting. Two young grandsons on the farm have added another wonderful dimension to a busy life. “I think you have to have a philosophy that guides your life and gives you strength and purpose and mine is to get stuck in and involved.” Specialists in pipework and yards for all cowsheds High Lift Gate manufacture and installation | Backing and Top Gates Floodwash Systems | Water Ram Systems Ph: 06 274 8563 027 445 4653 JENNINGS ENGINEERING 66 South Road MANAIA, TARANAKI Chartered Accountants Call Marilyn Davies on 06 758 5273 Support and empowering business Proud to Support Janet Schultz Home: 06 756 6167 Email: 180 Cowling Rd | New Plymouth 06 753 6611 Pleased to be Janet Schultz’s Agriculture Contractor