Swings + Roundabouts Winter 2022

Introducing the 2022 ECC conference Keynote Speakers Tupe SolomonTanoa’i Tupe is the Chief Philanthropic Officer of the Michael and Suzanne Borrin Foundation, which is working towards an Aotearoa New Zealand that is just, inclusive, tolerant and free. In addition to her professional role, Tupe is the writer and co-producer of a web series on unconscious bias, the host and co-producer of a chat show on Pacific success, and the theme of her talk at TEDx Pipitea was “Leading through self-acceptance”. In 2020 Tupe was the winner of the diversity category in the New Zealand Women of Influence Awards. In 2021, she was named one of New Zealand’s most Influential Lawyers by NZ Lawyer in the category of Human Rights, Advocacy and Criminal Justice. Kathryn Berkett: What is neurodiversity? Kathryn has her Masters in Educational Psychology, and has certified as a Neurosequential Model of Therapeutics practitioner with Dr Perry. Kathryn has extensive experience in understanding how trauma can impact on development. She has worked and trained, nationally and internationally, on the subject of neuroscience for over twenty years, delivering to a variety of organisations including: the Police; Oranga Tamariki; Teachers; Corrections; Parents; Recreation Groups; Mental Health Professionals; NZ Rugby; and Corporates. Kathryn also has a TEDx talk titled: ‘Neuroscience of Device Zombies’. Toni and Robin Christie: Respectful people, places and things Toni and Robin Christie founded Childspace Early Learning Centres and subsequently the Childspace Early Childhood Institute in Wellington. Currently their work involves teaching adults about the importance of the early years. Toni and Robin have written books and resources, they publish a quarterly magazine, host conferences, design and build environments for children, inspire early childhood practitioners through their keynote and workshop presentations, and they love their jobs! Toni and Robin believe that early childhood is the most significant stage of every person’s development. They are driven to provide practical, relevant, natural and aesthetic resources and environments for all who play and work with very young children. Hon Chris Hipkins - Minister of Education Chris is the ministers for both Education and COVID-19 Response portfolios. Simon Laube – Chief Executive of the Early Childhood Council: ECC’s vision for growth Simon will be speaking about how we seek to grow and strengthen centres – how we might feel our attention is being diverted by risks and outside threats but there remains good opportunities to focus on. June 2022 { 21 }