Swings + Roundabouts Winter 2022

and professional recognition, and the opportunity to develop further. The four teamwork questions ask about relations with other staff members, and the worker’s sense of contribution. The final two questions are growthorientated, and ask about professional development feedback and opportunities. At first glance, some of the Q12 questions can look a little bit bizarre, such as question 10 which asks whether the employee has a best friend at work. Gallup responds, that a deep sense of interpersonal affiliation leads to better outcomes, and points to statistics which indicate higher levels of loyalty, fewer safety incidents, higher profits, and better customer engagement. Gallup cautions that these friendshiprelationships need to be genuine, and that management’s role is essentially faciliatory. More specifically, Gallup recommends creating situations where employees can get to know each other, and to share stories, and to socialise. The Gallup research tends to support the general idea that productive performancebased workplaces need to be open to encouraging staff to engage with each other on a friendship level. Similar to Bruce Russell’s listenership, this proposition requires a high level of tolerance for a diverse range of ideas, some of which may not be particularly welcome by other people within the organisation. Sometimes, you might see the four levels of the Gallup model described as ‘get, give, belong, and grow’. Interestingly, the foundation stones of tolerance are acceptance, involvement, and belonging, which suggests that the Q12 model may be useful as more than a business tool, with possible insights for society at large. If you are interested in the issue of employee engagement, then you might like to take a closer look at Gallup’s Q12 employee engagement survey. You can try your own rough-and-ready version of the survey, over individuals, teams, or your whole organisation. Use a scale of 1 to 5, where 1 represents ‘no’ and 5 is ‘yes’, with intermediate scores indicating varying levels of agreement. A score of 50% or more is generally regarded as good, while below 50% requires attention. For a more rigorous survey (including administration, interpretation, and recommendations), you should contact Gallup. It wouldn’t be fitting to end this article, without returning to where we began. Bruce Russell passed away peacefully on the evening of Sunday 24 April 2022. I think that I will miss him. About the author Phil Sales is specialist business coach, interested in 'cool stuff' in the business development sector. For more about Phil, see https://iact15.wixsite.com/iactltd/who-we-are TALK TO NZ’S AWARD-WINNING CHILDCARE SALES TEAM ABC Nationwide Childcare Team ABC Business Sales Limited Licensed REA 2008 Linda Harley 022 354 9189 Regional NZ wide Donna Apes 027 570 1872 Christchurch Anthony Gilbert 021 784 865 Auckland Munish Verma 021 113 9768 Auckland /Northland There has never been a better time to list your childcare business or property for sale! • Increased interest by qualified teachers wanting to buy their own centres • Investors having the capacity to buy multiple sites due to low interest rates • National database of prequalified buyers • Provide honest appraisals and pricing guide • Over 20 years of experience • Effective Confidentiality Process June 2022 { 31 }