Business North December 2023

46 | PROPERTY Glasshouse Property Management Tight-knit team share vision and values Glasshouse Property Management Business Development Manager Anél Mostert. T T Sue Russell A philosophy of care and good old family values is what drew Business Development Manager, Anél Mostert to join the team at Hamilton-based Glasshouse Property Management in 2018. “We work out of a set of founding principles that distinguish us from the majority of property management companies in that we understand that both landlord and tenant equally deserve the very best care and service delivered in a very professional way.” Anél believes that a landlord should enjoy being a landlord. It isn’t only just an economic relationship about return on investment and just as much for tenants, she understands that though they don’t own the property, to them it is their home. “There are intrinsic values beyond the giving and receiving of rent that should underpin the relationship and we see our role very much as nurturing this through taking a very professional systems-supported approach when engaging with both parties.” Equally she understands it is a very fine dance between using technology and losing the human connection. Today, Glasshouse Property Management is a tight-knit team of 18 people and proudly, Anél says, the business still has the first property manager that started in 2013, who today heads up the Cambridge office. In her role, she is responsible for the growth of the business and, as such, is the first person landlords connect with. “Often those initial conversations are about finding ways to help landlords increase the return on their investment. We look carefully at the property, and have frank conversations with owners about what their responsibilities are as a landlord in New Zealand. Our expectation is that all the compliances are achieved and that a home of good standard is made available for tenants to enjoy.” The Cambridge office was established in 2019 adding to the locations around Hamilton the business offers its services in. These include Te Awamutu and a push into Morrinsville. Asked about the qualities that go into being a great Property Manager, Anél says its about having solid people skills, being able to constantly juggle demands, prioritise and work under pressure, constantly problem-solving. “It’s about being a critical thinker and holding standards of conduct. You need to be detail oriented.” Adhering to all the standards enshrined in the Residential Tenancies Actis just the starting point. Anél says a strength of the company is that it has taken the time to develop excellent systems, that each property manager engages with clients and customers through, ensuring transparency and ongoing communication. In the original enquiry it is Anél that landlords meet. Once those early conversations and understanding have occurred a dedicated Property Manager is assigned to each rental property. For tenants, listings of available homes for rent are accessed through the major medial platforms including TradeMe, Real Estate, All House and Facebook Marketplace, plus Glasshouse’s own website listing page. “Potential tenants are booked into a time slot so the whole tenant sourcing process is very organised from the start. So many of our tenants comment about how amazing they feel being treated as individual customers from the word go. “Some tell us they have felt like a number, being processed through various viewings and they really value being seen as people and that someone actually cares.” And once a tenancy has been secured, the relationship continues. Tenants are encouraged to make contact around any property matters. A system called TAPI is an online repairs and maintenance platform tenants can log into. “We know they need to feel safe to speak up about any property concerns they have.” Striving to constantly improve is very much the philosophy. Every year, a review of all processes is undertaken. Glasshouse Property Management is also a big supporter of promoting internally, enabling the team to experience various roles as they mature into the company. “What we hold dear in terms of what we stand for you just can’t pluck out of a random recruitment market so we value very much the contribution and skills of everyone in our team.” With a commitment to operate the business to ‘best practice’ standards and choosing to be members of the REINZ, Anél says, speaks volumes as to the values of the company. “We’re definitely in this industry for the right reasons.” Proud to be supporting Glasshouse Property Management your guarantee of excellence 0800 933 383 | Specialists in Meth Testing and Healthy Homes Inspections. Healthy Homes