Business North December 2023

| 47 PROPERTY Focus on Property T T Karen Phelps Nothing like feet on the ground Since the opening of the Hamilton office, Focus on Property has experienced remarkable growth. “Local real estate agents often come to us with ‘off market’ listings, giving us early exposure to some great opportunities.” Focus on Property has recently opened a new office in Hamilton marking an exciting milestone for the company. Historically Focus on Property had been servicing its clients in the Hamilton/Waikato region from its Tauranga headquarters. One of Focus on Property’s directors Brad Martin says the company’s decision to open a dedicated office in Hamilton was a strategic move to provide even better service to landlords and tenants, primarily due to the growing number of buildings under its management in the area. “We recognized the need for ‘feet on the ground’ to offer a more responsive service and to establish better connections with local businesses, agents and tenants. Hamilton and Waikato is such a growth region as well so there is a lot of opportunity here and the Hamilton office is well-positioned to cater to the burgeoning real estate and property management needs in this region,” explains Brad. Since the opening of the Hamilton office, Focus on Property has experienced remarkable growth in the area. In September it was appointed to manage a substantial portfolio of commercial buildings for two large clients, which further underscores the demand for the company’s services. This growth has in turn led to the company’s decision to hire an additional commercial property manager in Hamilton ensuring that clients receive the most efficient and responsive service. Brad says that Focus on Property has positioned itself as more than just a property manager: “We are a value-add manager as well as a property manager – we look for opportunities for our clients,” explains Brad who has a background in banking and commercial real estate and says that the company approaches things with an investment mindset. “We tend to understand our clients’ full picture and what they are trying to achieve and help them do that. Focus on Property understands all the intricacies involved in owning and managing a property as we are property owners ourselves.” He says many of its clients have aspirations to expand their property portfolios and Focus on Property specialises in growing private wealth by identifying why a commercial property may be underperforming. It then formulates strategies to unlock the property’s highest and best use, which ultimately creates equity and improves cash flow for property owners. This expertise encompasses various factors such as market forces, finance arrangements and feasibility models. Brad says these considerations are essential when creating an investment plan that aligns with their clients’ long-term financial objectives. “We know commercial property inside out and can get things done. We act in the best interests of the owner and negotiate well to exceed expectations of property performance”, explains Brad. One of the distinctive features of Focus on Property is its complete independence, he says. The company is not affiliated with any real estate agencies, which allows the company to work closely with all local agency firms. Brad says this network is critical for exploring all potential leads and provides the best chance of re-letting vacancies. “Local real estate agents often come to us with ‘off market’ listings, giving us early exposure to some great opportunities ”. With an impressive portfolio valued at $600 million, encompassing 150 buildings and more than 400 tenants, Focus on Property operates and manages property located across several regions including Tauranga, Hamilton, Napier, Rotorua and Auckland. Focus on Property’s director Brad Martin. A History Of Excellence , THINK OF ANY LARGE COMMERCIAL BUILDING THAT HAS GONE UP IN THE BAY OF PLENTY IN THE LAST DECADE AND CHANCES ARE THAT ALL SEASONS AIR CONDITIONING WERE - AND PROBABLY STILL ARE - BEHIND ITS MECHANICAL VENTILATION AND AIR CONDITIONING SYSTEMS. | 0800 111 HOT Tauranga Branch 90 Waihi Rd, Judea Phone 07 578 1200 Hamilton Branch 46 Killarney Rd, Frankton Phone 07 871 8220 ALL SEASONS AIR CONDITIONING Focus on Property Are you looking for an electrician? At Allpower we specialise in Commercial, Industrial and Domestic in the Waikato wider area. 0508 255 769