Business North July / August 2021

| 103 Ensuring a build that stands the test of time Karen Phelps Resolution Design has worked on a range of projects throughout Auckland for developer Clarke Group.. ARCHITECTURE Resolution Design A rchitectural design firm Resolution Design specialises in designing secure weather-tight buildings for some of New Zealand’s typically highest risk projects. Company director Sunil Bakshi says continu- ally delivering proven weather-tight construc- tion boils down to experience and a willing- ness to go above and beyond building code requirements when necessary. “Good practice design and a thorough as- sessment of the potential risks at the start of the project mitigates issues,” he says. “We look at what we can do in terms of best design to ensure a building that will last and stand the test of time.” As examples he says that Resolution Design Architectural designs drained cavities systems at every inter-storey junction and rigid air barrier systems are commonly used. Simple passive design features such as cor- rect eave projections enable the company to achieve a good balance between aesthetically pleasing design and practical weather-tight solutions. The company’s achievements in this area are no mean feat considering it delivers simul- taneously multiple projects of scale. “I don’t know of any other practice deliver - ing at the kind of scale we are consistently,” says Sunil. “We work alongside our clients to take the design lead, manage the construction process then deliver the finished project.” Sunil started Resolution Design Architectur- al in 2014 and it is his extensive knowledge of building practice and council processes and legislation, which sets the company apart. Sunil brings to the company a background in teaching architecture at Victoria University and has previously worked as a professional building consultant for a private division of Auckland Council. Sunil says that this means he can often anticipate at the design stage what questions council might have and possible compliance issues and therefore address these early on saving the client time, money and hassle. The Resolution Design Architectural team includes experts in drafting, urban design, architecture, building science and landscape design. Services include architecture, outdoor de- sign, garden architecture, visual assessment services and subdivision design. It’s a compre - hensive offering, which has seen the com - pany work on a variety of projects for clients including residential, medium to high-density housing and commercial. He says the practice is able to work at this kind of scale due to a good strong team. “By providing extensive and exciting work we can attract the best talent and keep it for the benefit of our clients,” he says. A good example is the practice’s work for client Clarke Group, which Resolution Design Architectural has worked alongside from its inception helping significantly increase the capacity of the group’s output as demand has grown. The practice is involved right from the outset of each project including site selection. “It’s been a very fruitful relationship. Clarke Group has great motivation for the work it is doing to deliver housing that is needed and we deliver design that sits alongside that. “This means that we really try to keep the end user in mind throughout the process, encourage best practice design and high-end amenities. “It’s about delivering a quality result for the occupants.” At present for Clarke Group Resolution De- sign Architectural is busy working on a range of projects throughout Auckland including Chapel Studios at 169 Chapel Road in Flatbush comprising 75 studios, 110 Alfriston Road, Manurewa (100 studios), a 140 studio project at Conifer Grove and 160 studios at Walmsley Road, Favona. Proud to support Resolution Design Services we o er HVAC (Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning Design) Electrical Engineering (Lighting, Power &Data Design) - Hydraulics (Drainage&PlumbingDesign) - Contract Documentation&SiteObservation 09 302 0923