Business North July / August 2021

104 | Raising the bar on retirement living Karen Phelps LIFESTYLE The Botanic Retirement Village T he Botanic in Silverdale aims to set a new standard for retirement living, says one of the owners Alan Edwards. “It’s about giving people an authentic offer - ing where they can live with purpose and joy and be the best they can be,” he says. Every space at The Botanic, both indoor and out, has been carefully considered, designed and crafted to do just that - energise physical, mental and emotional well-being . A connection to nature has been an impor- tant defining concept to help create a healthy, vibrant community where people can feel good in mind and body, says Alan. This can be seen in thoughtful details such as tilt slab panels patterned with botanical designs and “It’s about giving people an authentic offering where they can live with purpose and joy and be the best they can be.” to page 106 street and building names – such as the Kauri building (the communal heart of the village) and the latest release, the Nikau apartment complex. Designed by Pacific Environments, The Bo - tanic is nestled into a gentle northwest-facing hillside. A design philosophy of ‘communities within communities’ brings purpose, involvement and a collective sense of security, says Alan. Buildings, roads and paths create a distinction between community areas to retain privacy. The village spans a stream and has taken full advantage of this natural amenity by cre- ating a boardwalk for both public and resident use. Alan says that invasive species are being removed and native plantings taking their place to further enhance the natural environ- ment. Communal spaces form the heart of the village including the Kauri building. The dynamic roof forms and exposed timber structure creates equally dynamic and multi-functional spaces. The ground floor of the building will offer parking and four commercial tenancies. Level one will be the community facility and include a commercial kitchen, activities area, lounge, library, well-being centre, craft room, cinema and a golf simulator. Above will be a 40-bed aged care facility and three levels of apartments. In August a clubhouse and activity area will start construc- tion including a pool, gymnasium, spa, steam room, sauna, TV lounge area, billiard room and bowling green. Alan says that residents set the social scene with a diverse activity calendar including dance lessons, reading in the library, board games, viewing a film in the cinema or getting creative in the art space.