NZ Dairy Summer 2021

| 83 nzdairy RURAL SERVICES » Carters Bulk Haulage Ltd Carters BulkHaul responding to farmers needs Dan and and Debbie Carter (above). Carters BulkHaul has a team of 19 drivers (below). Karen Phelps Being responsive to farmers’ needs is a key focus for Kerikeri based Carters BulkHaul. “We support New Zealand farmers. Farming is a challenging industry and we aim to provide personalised and efficient service to our farming customers. We recognise the importance of stock food and fertiliser to their operation and that they need it delivered on time, every time, no exceptions,” says company owner Dan Carter. Moreover, he says that Carters BulkHaul is available 24/7, backed by a strong team and modern fleet to ensure it can meet its customers’ demands and deal with peak seasonal requirements. Carters BulkHaul was started in 2005. Dan, a truck driver with around 25 years experience, was working for local silage contractor Cyril Alexander who brought a Freightliner Argosy for Dan to drive and operate. After building up the work and becoming significantly busier, Dan and wife Debbie bought the truck and Carters BulkHaul was born. Dan and Debbie’s desire to provide an efficient and personable service has led to a thriving business, which truly values its customers. Growth has been so significant that the company fleet now comprises 11 trucks and trailers with one new blower truck and a new bulk truck bought recently to keep up with demand. “The right gear means we are able to increase our level of service to our farmers and other clients,” explains Debbie. “We are also proud these two new vehicles are more environmentally friendly. As they are emission compliant they qualify for the low carbon finance rate. We plan to continue to upgrade our low carbon fleet with these types of vehicles.” In addition to servicing the farming community, an important sector of the business is working with local sawmills Waipapa Pine and Mt Pokaka taking wood chip to the port for export and wood chip/ sawdust to farming customers. Carters BulkHaul has been working closely with both of these local businesses since the business started in 2005 and it has been a relationship that has grown as both Carters BulkHaul and the sawmills have expanded over the years. “Our goal has always been to provide an exceptional personalised service to our customers,” says Debbie. “We are exceptionally proud that some of our clients have been with us since the outset. For its farming clients Carters BulkHaul delivers bulk palm kernel and blends to bunkers. It also delivers blends and urea to purpose built silos on farms. It also delivers woodchip and sawdust for animal bedding. “Farmers are a big part of New Zealand’s community,” says Dan. “We recognise the importance they have on both the economy and community. Just as the trucking industry has changed, so has farming. The addition of silo trucks to our fleet has been an innovation we’re proud of and means we can offer farmers a timely, efficient and reliable service.” Carters BulkHaul has a team of 19 drivers. It’s Dan and Debbie that customers still deal with direct. Dan drives when required and also looks after the trucks and dispatching. Debbie is in charge of the administration side of the business. Carters BulkHaul is a member of National Road Carriers. It works between Kaitaia and Taumarunui. Showcasing excellence and innovation within the engineering sector 3 Dyer Street, Whangarei P 09 438 1822 E Structural Engineering • Trailer Manufacture • Manufacture of Aluminium Bins for Trucks and Trailers • Repairs & Maintenance • Profile Cutting Delivery times represent a commitment from us and we guarantee your satisfaction Nutrinza delivers consistently high quality, readily available products backed by the sound nutritional advice at the sharp end of the price range” Rob - Basset Farms “